New Family Martial Arts Class Schedule 15 June 2020

Family Reunion!


Family Reunion!

Welcome back to classes in the Dojo.

Beginning the week of June 15!
We will be limited to 12 students per class.
Classes need to be scheduled online.
This should not have much restriction for the Black Belt Club classes.
The “Beginner Kids” and regular “Teen/Adult” students should
continue half of their classes online as to allow everyone the ability to attend some classes in the Dojo
Please familiarize and follow the Covid Safety protocols.


How to schedule a class in the Dojo

1. Go to and click on “Schedule A Class” at the bottom of the page.
2. Create a MyStudio Profile.
3. Choose your membership in the sidebar.
4. Click on “schedule” in the sidebar and schedule your class!

You can also download the app on your smartphone for your convenience! The Studio Code is: “familymartialarts”

Please feel free to schedule a class with us via email as well, simply email a request to!

New Family Martial Arts Class Schedule 15 June 2020
New Family Martial Arts Class Schedule 15 June 2020


Covid Safety Protocols
Covid Safety Protocols

Covid Safety Protocols

Great News! Summer Camps & Martial Arts Classes

Corpus Christi Family Martial Arts Academy

Summer Camps & Martial Arts Classes

Dear Martial Arts Family, 18 May 2020

Great News! We have permission to reopen!
Monday, June 15th We will cautiously resume classes in the Dojo.
All students are asked to maintain at least 50% of their classes on the new website virtual training portal.
You will provided with information on how to register in the coming weeks.
We plan to live stream most classes from the Dojo.
I look forward to seeing everyone again soon.

Mark Timmerman, Grand Master

Covid Safety Protocols
Covid Safety Protocols

Reopening Safely
Committed to Reopening Safely

Covid19 Response

There are many concerns about what safety measures we are taking as we begin to reopen.

    • We will have a sanitation area set up at the front of the facility.
    • We have purchased a commercial air purifier and professional cleaning equipment along with

EPA approved Hospital Grade virucide disinfectant that we will be using daily

Cold Fogger
Dojo Fogger


Martial Arts ClassesJune 15th

Classes will be by appointment only

Students will be socially distanced in the training area by 6.5 ft x 6.5 ft.

Class sizes will be reduced to 12 to 15 per class

Limit to one parent/guardian chaperon  if necessary

Class times reduced to 30 minutes

There will be a 20 to 30 minute sanitation time between classes

Students encouraged to do at least 50% classes online

Virtual / Online Classes
Online Martial Arts Classes


Summer Camp – June 1st

Campers will have their temperatures taken daily

Campers will be kept in small groups of 6 to 8 when possible

We will be doing as many outdoor activities / field trips as possible and will not interact with public

Camp counselors will continually monitor the children throughout each day for any symptoms

Sign Up for Summer Camp
We are now taking online registrations for Summer Camp

Begins June 1st – Click here to register!

Summer Camp

Mat Chat Monthly April & May 2020

Mat Chat Monthly April & May 2020

Mat Chat Monthly April & May 2020
Corpus Christi Family Martial Arts Monthly Newsletter


Monthly Review April & May 2020Covid-19 Edition

May 10th will mark our 1 Year Anniversary for being at our new location. Unfortunately we will not be
able to host a party there to celebrate however; We plan to reopen the doors again as soon as it is
responsible enough to do so. We will be putting out a lot of information about that shortly.
The support for our Dojo from of all our members has been amazing and heart felt. I thank you all
very much and look forward to having you back. We have an exciting new addition to our website
for learning and classes! I know you will love it! Keep practicing for the Dojo Expo coming soon.


New Facebook Page!  – “Corpus Christi’s Best After School and Summer Camp”

We created a new Facebook page to post a lot more content and up to date information about our Summer Camps & After School Program
Please “Like” our new page!

Kids don’t complain about being bored when they attend one of our Summer Camps. They are too busy having fun with all of the activities.
Every week of Summer Camp has a different theme to keep kids excited everyday and can’t wait for what is coming next.
There is no down time and they are in a safe and supervised environment.

Our Summer Camps go back to 2003 in a small classroom in a city recreation center. We have continued to expand our services and grow over the past 17 years
to have the best After School and Summer Camp program in Corpus Christi, Texas.


Reopening The Dojo

We could be reopening the doors soon. We are taking every recommendation by the CDC to prepare the Dojo for your safe return.
We have purchased professional sanitizing equipment and hospital grade disinfectant approved by the EPA for efficacy against Covid-19.
We will be providing everyone with the safety procedures to ensure a healthy training environment. Rest assured we have your safety first.
Be prepared to come back and have fun!


We have a new Website Training Portal coming soon!
*Live Video Training
*On Demand Training
*One-On-One Virtual Training
*Online Point System

This is a professional platform on our own secure website that will allow the students and instructors to download and upload information and videos.
It is impressive and everyone will love it! Plus you will be able to train “On Demand” whenever you want!


Coming In July!
4th Annual Dojo Expo 2020
Target Date –
Friday, July 17, 2020 / 6pm to 8pm

The Dojo Expo is a great event where all of our students and instructor get to put on a show for our family, friends and fellow students.
Everyone enjoys seeing what wonderful talent we have in our Dojo. Students always enjoy seeing their instructors demonstrate some
things they will someday get to learn!



Corpus Christi Family Martial Arts Academy


Since 1995 we have build a wonderful Martial Arts Family.  There are classes available for Toddlers, Kids, and classes for Teens & Adults. Our self-defense curriculum consists of: Karate, Japanese Jujitsu, Krav Maga, and Kung-fu. Almost every month we host fun events that everyone enjoy!

Additionally, we offer a great After School Program and we will pick your child up from school. We Host Summer Camps, Spring Break Camp! We even host Birthday Parties! There is always something exciting going on at Family Martial Arts. Our friendly staff and professional instructors will make you feel right at home as soon as you come in the door. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Helping Children Develop Self-Control

When a child throws a tantrum in the middle of a grocery store or a theater, the spectacle can be extremely frustrating for the parent. The first “fit” might be tolerable, but as days, months, and years go by, the inappropriate outbursts can intensify and occur more frequently… unless parents take pro-active measures to correct the behavior of their children. Teaching kids self-control has everything to do with making them think about the consequences of their behavior before they speak or act. Even mature, respectable adults have problems with self-control in many cases, but the parents’ important role as behavior models for their children cannot be denied.

Living in the moment

Young children live very much in the present and do not set goals like experienced adults. Teaching children from an early age the importance of setting a goal (which requires work and patience to achieve) is a fundamental lesson for understanding and attaining self-control. We cannot always get what we want immediately, and in many cases, it may take more time and effort than planned.

A common mistake that many parents make is in praising and gratifying their children too much. When this takes place, children can become complacent, realizing that whatever they do, they will get exactly what they want. Alternatively, parents must try to acknowledge the effort that children are making towards achieving a particular goal, and encourage them to continue displaying self-control in their pursuits.

Balancing incentives and deterrents

In some cases, it may be required to discipline a child when they behave badly. Children under the age of three find it particularly frustrating if they aren’t allowed to do the things they want when they want, whether it’s playing with toys or playing in the mud. Likewise, pre-schooler “temper tantrums” also occur sometimes when instructed to do something they don’t want to do, or when they don’t want to do it. As a parent, it is important to set clear, consistent expectations (rules) for children, to offer choices, and to explain consequences. If a child fails to observe parental rules, it might be necessary to discipline him or her in a productive, non-violent way such as forcing him or her into a ‘timeout’ or denying him or her a certain pleasure for a while.

At the same time, it is often valuable to talk with children about self-control and its importance. Discussing self-control (and its opposite) can often help children appreciate the concept much better and pay closer attention to their actions. As such, congratulating a child when he or she has achieved something through self-control is also vitally important in the developmental process. Enrolling your child in structured self-improvement activities like karate definitely
helps develop self-control in participants. Professional instructors are trained in many methods for keeping the attention of individuals in class, maintaining discipline, and reinforcing positive behaviors, which translates into better self-control exhibited at home, school, and elsewhere by the children who train.