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Holiday / Christmas Sale
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Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Corpus Christi Family Martial Arts Academy
Mark Timmerman, Grandmaster Junjou Ryu

Covid Safety Protocols

Great News! Summer Camps & Martial Arts Classes

Corpus Christi Family Martial Arts Academy

Summer Camps & Martial Arts Classes

Dear Martial Arts Family, 18 May 2020

Great News! We have permission to reopen!
Monday, June 15th We will cautiously resume classes in the Dojo.
All students are asked to maintain at least 50% of their classes on the new website virtual training portal.
You will provided with information on how to register in the coming weeks.
We plan to live stream most classes from the Dojo.
I look forward to seeing everyone again soon.

Mark Timmerman, Grand Master

Covid Safety Protocols
Covid Safety Protocols

Reopening Safely
Committed to Reopening Safely

Covid19 Response

There are many concerns about what safety measures we are taking as we begin to reopen.

    • We will have a sanitation area set up at the front of the facility.
    • We have purchased a commercial air purifier and professional cleaning equipment along with

EPA approved Hospital Grade virucide disinfectant that we will be using daily

Cold Fogger
Dojo Fogger


Martial Arts ClassesJune 15th

Classes will be by appointment only

Students will be socially distanced in the training area by 6.5 ft x 6.5 ft.

Class sizes will be reduced to 12 to 15 per class

Limit to one parent/guardian chaperon  if necessary

Class times reduced to 30 minutes

There will be a 20 to 30 minute sanitation time between classes

Students encouraged to do at least 50% classes online

Virtual / Online Classes
Online Martial Arts Classes


Summer Camp – June 1st

Campers will have their temperatures taken daily

Campers will be kept in small groups of 6 to 8 when possible

We will be doing as many outdoor activities / field trips as possible and will not interact with public

Camp counselors will continually monitor the children throughout each day for any symptoms

Sign Up for Summer Camp
We are now taking online registrations for Summer Camp

Begins June 1st – Click here to register!

Summer Camp

Family Martial Arts Online Dojo Class Schedule

Family Martial Arts Online Dojo !!!

Attend “live” classes every week!

Join our facebook group and get back to training with us!

Family Martial Arts Online Dojo Class Schedule
Family Martial Arts Online Dojo Class Schedule


Check out our youtube channel and have fun completing the challenges!

Here is a challenge checklist to keep on track.

Send us video of you completing each challenge and earn cool prizes.

Family Martial Arts Challenge Checklist
Family Martial Arts Challenge Checklist


Three Popular Martial Art Techniques that Increase Strength

This article is about increasing your strength through three popular Martial Arts techniques. The techniques are punching and two different kinds of kicks.

Martial Arts

People come to Corpus Christi Family Martial Arts Academy for a number of reasons. Some are attracted to Martial Arts because they want to learn to defend themselves. Others come because they want to tap into Martial Arts’ vast power as a tool for personal growth. Still others come merely because they are looking for a way to get in shape that’s fun, motivating, and spares them the tedious repetitiveness and boredom of the gym.

While Martial Arts can give a student all of these things, at its heart they are all forms of strenuous physical activity. The practice of any Martial Art can be an excellent means of becoming leaner, more supple, faster, more flexible, and stronger.

Strength Equals Power

This rule holds true in any kind Martial Arts discipline. At our school, increasing strength is one of the things we focus on. Lifting weights is great but for a Martial Artist, it’s not desirable to develop a bodybuilder’s physique. Much of the strength training we do at our Corpus Christi, TX Martial Arts facility is inherent in the techniques itself.

Front Snap Kicks for Core Strength

Most Martial Arts kicks utilize the muscle groups in the legs. However, many of the kicks we practice also call on core muscle groups like the abdominals and lower back muscles. Practicing Tae Kwon Do style front snap kicks with their high chambering of the knee is a particularly good way of increasing core strength in your abs, while simultaneously strengthening the muscles in your legs.

Punching Your Way to a Stronger Upper Body

When it comes to punches in Martial Arts, strength equals speed which equals power. I see the three as intertwined. So, while a certain amount of weight lifting may help to increase your punching power, similarly, throwing punches will help you develop better upper body strength. Working out on the heavy bag, hitting focus pads, and other methods of practicing punches are all ways to enhance upper body strength through Martial Arts technique.

Side Kicks for Lower Body Strength

The side kick is one of the most immediate and devastating weapons in any Martial Artist’s arsenal. Like a front snap kick, side kicks utilize core muscles to some degree. However, side kicks place a greater demand on the lower body than many other Martial Arts kicks. Practicing side kicks is an excellent way to build greater strength in your legs, hips, and thighs. The hard work you put into building this strength through practicing your kicks will pay dividends by translating as power when you unleash that side kick on a target.

If you want to know more about how Martial Arts can help you increase your strength or anything else regarding either our adults’ or children’s programs, please feel free to contact our Corpus Christi Family Martial Arts Academy team.