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  • There's no place my little one and I would rather be. My little one was constantly bullied from Pre-K to Kinder and with the skills that they have acquired & practiced at home from the instructors has been phenomenal.

  • Our son has been involved with Family Martial Arts since November 2017, and he loves it! Every class for him is "the best practice ever!" The staff is amazing with the kids, and they really do have great patience! Our son has advanced in rank, and his confidence and strength is through the roof! I would most definitely recommend Family Martial Arts to everyone!

  • Excellent experience. My six year old granddaughter thrives under these sensei's. Skill and patience creates pride and confidence. I highly recommend them.

  • I enrolled my son in Corpus Christi Family Martial Arts Academy and have been extremely impressed with their system. They teach a powerful blend of Karate, Kung Fu, Jiu Jitsu, Nin Jitsu, Krav Maga, and other martial arts styles. The instructors are highly skilled not only in practicing martial arts themselves but also in teaching other's of all ages effectively. They do not submit to the "one size fits all" theory of teaching. The instructors are perceptive in finding student's strengths and using those strengths to help train them.
    After watching my son for a few months I joined too! I have prior experience with Tae Kwon Do (although, it never felt effective to me). I have scouted multiple other martial arts groups in Corpus Christi and I believe Corpus Christi Family Martial Art Academy is the best in town! Being a petite woman I am confident that the techniques I am learning could one day save me. As a medical practitioner, I have been impressed with not only the instructor's deep knowledge of how the body works most effectively to deliver powerful techniques, but also of the body's weaknesses and how to use those to one's advantage.
    For anyone with martial arts experience, or someone with even a small curiosity about martial arts, this is the place to come!! Classes are geared to fit the needs of everyone. If you want to sweat, you'll be challenged. If you need a slower pace, your efforts will be rewarded. Either way, you'll be part of a family who will help you meet your goals in a supportive, effective, and fun way.

  • My children have been attending this dojo for six months and I could not love this place more! Grandmaster Timmerman and Sensei Green treat this dojo as a family. They have a wonderful staff, professional, knowledgable and caring! They don't just teach martial arts techniques, they show real-world application in self-defense and give advice and guidance along the way. I truly enjoy watching my children and listening to their guidance in every class. It is everything I looked for and hoped for in a martial arts class for my children... and more!

  • VERY IMPRESSIVE!!! Not only does my young daughter have fun every time she's at class, she is learning how to avoid being kidnapped and defend herself against a possible bad situation. She is learning the difference between a serious situation and a bullying situation, and she is learning how to react accordingly. . . all while having fun!!
    I have noticed that there is a true sense of family at this facility. Everyone is very welcoming, friendly, and easy to be around. They have family events other than classes that really help everyone get to know each other, too!!
    I definitely recommend Corpus Christi Family Martial Arts Academy to anyone interested in fitness, martial arts, or self defense. You'll be glad you called!!

  • Our family have been members at CCFMAA for over a year now and one of things that keeps us wanting to come back is the genuine personal welcome you are extended each and every time you walk into the dojo. Everyone regardless of age, body type,skill level, gender are all given personal attention and encouragement to go farther and achieve greatness. This school is not a "flashy" school but a dedicated institution for learning real life self defense tactics that derive from many martial arts disciplines that have been carefully blended over many years by our schools founder and Grandmaster Sensei Mark Timmerman. Our other teacher is Sensei Green and he is an expert martial artist that has a real gift for teaching from the littlest one's to our more senior students and everyone in between he is far beyond his years and will amaze you. Come to the school and see for yourself. Change your life today!

  • Being a part of this Martial Arts Academy is by far one of the most amazing experiences I've had. It is so nice to know that Corpus Christi has such a place where families can learn the art of Kung Fu together. Not only are they family oriented but they teach several styles of martial arts to all ages. The atmosphere there is very inviting and they have different kinds of events for adults and kids. The staff and teachers are very friendly and helpful and the packages are affordable. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking to learn or improve their martial arts skills.

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