Family Martial Arts July 2020 Class Schedule

July 2020 New Class Schedule

We are happy to be back in the Dojo and seeing a lot of familiar faces. We really missed you.
Here is a new schedule for July. We are expanding the amount of classes to support the great
response of students returning to the Dojo. We will continue to live stream the classes as well.
We continue to social distance in the dojo. Please review previous posts. We are limiting student
count to 12 per class.
Please make a (mystudio) profile and sign up for the classes that best fit your schedule.
If for some reason you have difficulty signing in, please send us a email and we will take care of
that in the office for you. email address:

Mark Timmerman (GrandMaster)
Be Safe & Have Fun!

Effective Tuesday, June 30th

How to schedule a class in the Dojo
1. Go to and click on “Schedule a Class” at the bottom of the page.
2. Create a MyStudio Profile.
3. Choose your membership in the sidebar (three lines at the top left side).
4. Click on “schedule” in the sidebar and schedule your class!
You can also download the app on your smartphone for your convenience! The Studio Code is: “familymartialarts”
Please feel free to schedule a class with us via email as well, simply email a request to!

Family Martial Arts July 2020 Class Schedule
New Class Schedule For July 2020