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Learning Does Not Have To Stop When School Is Over! Corpus Christi Family Martial Arts Academy Has The Best After School Program in Corpus Christi, TX

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Let Corpus Christi Family Martial Arts Academy Keep Your Child Learning Even After School Has Ended

Outstanding Parents, like you, always want their children to grow up on the path with the most opportunities.

Finding the right programs that bring this to fruition – well ask yourself, has it been easy?

Thinking about long term gain, many programs fall short in limiting potential due to teaching so few attributes and life skills. Every child deserves the right to learn in school, but what happens after school is also just as important.


Our Martial Arts Team Takes Great Pride In The Reviews We Receive

See What Our Community Members in Corpus Christi, TX Say About Our Programs

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“Grandmaster Timmerman and Sensei Green treat this dojo as a family. They have a wonderful staff, professional, knowledgable and caring! They don’t just teach martial arts techniques, they show real-world application in self-defense and give advice and guidance along the way.”

Irma D.

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After School Online Offer 2 Day Free Trial

After School Program Offerings

Corpus Christi Family Martial Arts Academy After School Program provides boundless opportunities in areas beyond the school curriculum.


Attention & Memory

Sharpen and enhancing these abilities will heighten your child’s performance both academically and socially


Physical Fitness

Martial Arts is not about fighting, it is about the anticipation and knowing how to handle real life scenarios


Inspiration & Motivation

Children look up to those they trust, Corpus Christi Family Martial Arts Academy great instructors inspire their students to achieve that which they don’t see as possible


Social Awareness

Learning to treat others with respect, learning self defense and raising their self esteem


Self Confidence

Martial Arts encourages children to believe they can instead of making students feel like they have to



A key part of Martial Arts is respecting your peers, instilling courtesy at a young age is a very special trait to have growing up


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The Perfect Way To Keep Them Out Of Trouble

At Corpus Christi Family Martial Arts Academy spots fill up quickly for our After School Program because parents love our program’s flexibility and kids can’t wait to get here.

Your child will stay occupied with activities that engage them and peak their imagination. They will enjoy martial arts games with their friends and have plenty of assistance with getting their homework done.

Your Child IS In A Safe, Supervised Environment

Parents will appreciate the professional coordination, safe and supervised setting, and the variety of physical activities that keep their children engaged in our After School Program. You can feel safe with our qualified staff who will take good care of your child’s needs. Our program gives your child the flexibility to choose whatever activity that they would like during their after school time. They can work on homework, study or join in one of our fun martial arts activities.


Corpus Christi Family Martial Arts Academy After School Program Online Offer.

Rest easy knowing that your kids will be in a safe and supervised environment.

After School Online Offer 2 Day Free Trial

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