We Have Classes For All Age Groups
The Corpus Christi Family Martial Arts Academy provides martial arts training to a wide variety of age groups all the way from toddlers to grown adults. Our classes are exclusive, and we always work one on one with everybody in order to teach them more efficiently. We currently have classes available for the younger crowd including toddlers ranging from age 3-5, small children ranging in age from 5 to 12 and advanced kids classes. While learning that martial arts is for self defense, our students discover it is also much more than that. Studies have shown that learning martial arts is a way to improve concentration and boost self-confidence, self-awareness and ones self-esteem. If you feel that your child would benefit from our instruction please get in contact with us right away or check out our KIDS CLASSES page.

We also have classes for adults that need to learn how to protect themselves while out in the world. We do not go by the motto “you can’t teach an old dog a new trick”. We firmly believe that everyone can learn self-defense regardless of their age. While learning martial arts is a great way to learn protection measures, many adults get much more out of our classes. Many have stated that our classes allow them to lose weight, tone up muscle, build stamina and more. Regardless of your reason for learning martial arts our professional staff will make sure you feel right at home at our academy. Remember that our $49 introductory fee applies to everyone, regardless of their age. Get in contact with us right away so we can transform you into a martial artist and check out our CLASSES page for more information.

We are family oriented here and learning martial arts as a family is a great way to get closer to them and learn how to protect one another in case the need arises. Many families see this as a bonding experience all while getting exercise and learning self protection. It’s a no-brainer why so many families have walked through our academy doors.

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