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We Have Been Teaching Karate In Corpus Christi, Texas Since 1995!

Corpus Christi Family Martial Arts is the only academy in town when it comes to professional self-defense for families. We started this foundation in order for local children and adults to protect themselves against others. Kids are often bullied in school and other surroundings so our classes will teach them self-defense and karate techniques that they can use throughout their life. While learning, our students release stress, gain more confidence, make friends, and feel better about themselves.

Most of our students attend classes 2 to 3 times a week to learn and perfect their karate techniques to better protect themselves.

Our current 2018 introductory offer of $49 is perfect to get your foot in our door and it comes with a free uniform and introductory classes for you and your entire family or a friend.

Our approach is simple when it comes to learning martial arts. We don’t want you to learn just one style, we want all of our students to learn the best from many styles. It’s not just about Kung fu and Ju Jitsu. There is also Karate, NinJutsu, Tai Chi and Krav Maga to learn as well. We begin each of our workouts by warming up through stretching and moving around. From there we start a cardio/strength training course that gets the juices flowing. Afterwards we get into teaching essential martial arts skills such as kicks, blocks and punches. With a daily regimen your mind and body will improve and develop and your goal of becoming a black belt will be reached in no time.

Corpus Christi Family Martial Arts is family oriented and it shows in the various courses that we offer. We have classes for every age group all the way from toddlers to grown adults. We know that all age groups are capable of learning martial arts. The classes at our academy are divided by age and skill level. Through this approach children can learn and not feel pressured by others at a higher level. We want every one of our students to feel comfortable when learning their craft. Take a look at our FAMILY CLASSES page for more information.


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